The 9-11 Visibility Project Team

Bill Douglas

National 9-11 Visibility Project member and presenter, Bill Douglas, conducts a 9-11 teach-in at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City (image at right). Bill has been a media source on the 9-11 issue nationwide and internationally. He is a writer and corporate consultant, and has lived and worked in the Kansas City area for eight years. Please email Bill for 9-11 presentations in your city.
Emanuel Sferios

Emanuel Sferios is the 9-11 Visibility project webmaster. He has been a social worker and community organizer for the past fifteen years, working for peace, the protection of civil rights, environmental protection, harm reduction, and other progressive issues. He is a freelance writer and journalist and lives in Seattle, Washington. And believe it or not, his birthday is September 11th.
Jan Hoyer

Jan Hoyer works as a Graphic Artist outside Kansas City. She is determined to eventually learn audio and video editing, professional cartooning, and tai chi. She had never seen a protest until the bitter cold Bush Inauguration Day, 2001. After learning that there would be a protest in downtown Kansas City, Jan realized that the only way she would ever see a decent protest photo was if she snapped the damn things herself. Since that time she has invested in long underwear and independently taken thousands of photos of Missourians exercising their Constitutional right to free speech. Because of our Corporate media situation, Jan highly encourages everyone to pick up their camera and pencil and “become the media”.
Janice Matthews

Janice Matthews lives in Kansas City and works full time as an Administrative Assistant.  She graduated from the University of Kansas with an “exceedingly useful” degree in Psychology. She then completed half of a Masters in Social Work and trained as a Direct Entry Midwife for several years. Her motivation for working toward peace and justice has been greatly enhanced by the proud profession of Motherhood–with six potential “draftees” in tow, she has plenty of reasons to work toward a more just and peaceful society. She has published no books, but has read most everyone else’s, and is currently living the manual on Parenting for Activists in America! Perhaps some day she’ll write it.
Bill Douglas Lecture in Kansas City theater
Bill Douglas Lecture