Building a movement from Ground Zero Up

NYC Indymedia
Friday, Jan 16, 2004

Group Calls For “9/11 Solidarity Actions” Around the World

Ground Zero was the most logical place. A loose group of people united only by unanswered questions about 9/11 needed somewhere to meet. They were looking for a highly visible base for a movement to pressure the Bush Administration to cooperate with the 9/11 investigation. So far, Bush has only put obstacles in the way. So the group, unofficially calling themselves “the NY 9/11 Truth Alliance,” decided to meet on Saturdays at Ground Zero. Every Saturday.

The first afternoon, standing there with a large banner that read “The Bush Regime Engineerd 9/11,” and signs reading “Support the Families: Stop 9/11 Cover-Up” and “Bush Knew” they didn’t know how people would respond.  Ground Zero is not only hallowed ground, it elicits a thousand different knee-jerk reactions across the political spectrum.

“We weren’t sure what to expect that first day,” said 9/11 activist Cristian Fleming, “So we were surprised at the people from all walks of life who came up to thank us for having the courage to do this and asking how they might get involved.”

The first Saturday afternoon at Ground Zero, a contingent of the NY 9/11 Truth Alliance handed out more than a thousand pieces of literature that pointed out several inconsistencies in the Official Version of how the events of that day happened, who did it, and what the Bush Administration knew beforehand.

Truth Alliance member opinions span the various theories that have developed since 9/11, from those who are convinced that “Bush, Cheney & Co. knew it was coming and let it happen” to people who say “They planned and executed it” to others who are just frustrated the 9/11 Commission cannot do its job. As a group, they decided to agree on a full disclosure of the truth and an end to what they see as a cover-up by the Bush Administration of the facts.

The goal of the Alliance is to create a movement of inquiring minds who will gather at figurative “Ground Zeros” around the world, in their own towns and cities to raise awareness and demand answers in advance of what is widely expected to be a “whitewash” 9/11 Commission Report, slated for release in May of this year.

“We call it ‘Ground Zero solidarity action,'” said Michael Kane,.”We are at Ground Zero from noon to 4 or 5 every Saturday. Rain or shine…snow, whatever.  We will be there.”

The Alliance is asking anyone who believes that the questions about 9/11 are not being answered to get involved at the local level, to create their own Truth Alliances.

“We intend to become an indelible part of the landscape at Ground Zero, and we hope that other people will do the same in their own communities  we have no time to lose, this can not be allowed to be whitewashed into history for the good of those who would profit from it,” said Fleming, “When it becomes apparent that the media and politicians abdicate their obligation to vigorously seek the truth in favor of self interest, It is the duty of the people to demand truth on the streets. The victim’s families deserve the truth, the American people deserve the truth and the future of this country rests on the vigilance of its citizens in demanding that truth.”