Get involved in the 9-11 truth movement

A few simple things you can do

First, if you haven’t already done so, sign up by entering your email address in the box at the top of the page, so we can send you occasional news and 9-11 action alerts, and you can forward them to others.

A great way to get started in 9-11 activism, especially for those with less time for local community organizing, is to participate in phone, letter writing and email campaigns. Never underestimate the importance of writing a letter or making a simple phone call. While the effect is often not immediately felt, the cumulative effort of many people making their voices heard makes a huge difference.

An example from Kansas City A few people in Kansas City wrote letters to the Kansas City Star about Bush’s 9-11 obstruction. As a result, the newspaper ran an editorial entitled “Stop Stalling the 9-11 Inquiry”. You can get the same results from your local paper or TV station too! See our section on Lobbying the Media.

We have a series of both ongoing and one-time urgent action alerts on our action alerts page for you to participate in. And to make it easy for you we provide sample letters and “talking points” to help you formulate your ideas. You can also submit copies of your own action emails, and we will post them for others to see and learn from. So please check out our action alerts page and get involved right now in support of peace, justice, and the truth of 9-11!

Again, sign up at the top of our website to receive our weekly email newsletter. Along with selected 9-11 news articles collected from the mainstream and alternative media, you will also receive occasional, urgent action alerts (approximately two emails per week). And remember to forward them to others!

Start up a 9-11 visibility group in your city or town

Forming a 9-11 visibility group in your area is easy and fun! We have provided a step-by-step how-to guide to help you get your group together, complete with tips on tabling at events, organizing actions and demos, networking with local peace and justice groups, etc. Everything you need to get started, including where to buy 9-11 books, videos and other materials, is right here in our online guide. Also see our section Why organize around the issue of 9-11?

Kansas City 9-11 Protest

Become a 9-11 Internet Activist

Internet organizing is an easy way for ordinary people to take on huge issues and make a difference, as we’ve seen recently in the area of electoral politics as well as many grassroots campaigns. In fact, the internet is an essential organizing tool these days, whether you are organizing locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. The following are some ideas about how you can empower yourself to make a big difference in the 9-11 truth movement while sitting in front of your computer.

  1. Forward the online newsletters and action alerts you receive from us to people you know. Post them on internet bulletin boards, chat rooms, and other appropriate places you go on the internet. Urge people to get involved in support of the 9-11 families’ struggle for truth, and suggest that they visit this website and others on our links page.
  2. Listserves and Discussion Groups: Go to and search for “politics” “human rights” etc. Many different discussion groups will pop up. Sign up to join as many of them as you can. You’ll have an option to recieve emails, or use a website to read the group’s messages. If you choose to use the website, it’ll help keep your email box cleaner. Another option is to set up a separate email account just for participating in discussion groups. Once you join a political discussion group, begin posting 9-11 articles and action alerts, and urge people to get involved. Use your own voice or simply copy and paste the action alerts from our site. (You can also find political discussion groups by doing a search on for “peace and justice organization discussion groups”.
  3. Chat Rooms: When you go to political chat rooms don’t waste time arguing with people who disagree with you. Rather, look for people who agree with you and begin sharing info with them about the 9-11 Commission, the cover-up, etc. Urge them to get involved. Recommend this website and suggest that they sign up for our newsletter and action alerts listserve.
  4. Search on for social or political groups that might be interested in working on this issue. ( e.g., labor unions, firefighters unions, voting rights organizations, women’s rights groups, university political science departments, etc.) Once you find their websites, look for “contact us” or “staff” or “local chapters” links, then send them an email to get them thinking about the 9-11 issue. You can say something like:
Talking Points
“The 9-11 Families have had to fight their own president for the last two years in an effort to discover the truth about what went wrong on 9-11. In the meantime two wars have been launched and civil liberties curtailed in the name of 9-11. It is time the Bush Administration fully disclosed what they knew before and on September 11th, 2001. Get involved today in the 9-11 truth movement by visiting”

The sky is really the limit on internet organizing. The goal is not necessarily to get an immediate response from people, but just to get the message out, and to get people thinking about the issue. You may not see results right away, but they will come eventually.

Lobbying the Media

The lack of mainstream media coverage of the Bush Administration’s obstruction of the Congressional 9-11 Commission is both incredible and inexcusable. Part of our efforts must be directed towards pressuring the media to cover the story.

A Monster List of Media Email Addresses!

Here we provide you with an invaluable resource. The following is a list of email addresses of reporters and journalists of major media outlets around the US and the world. We collected these ourselves by meticulously searching the web and copying and pasting addresses into text files. Please only use these media email contacts for 9-11 truth issues. Also, if you use them often and a journalist writes back requesting that you remove him/her from your list, please do so. We only want to provide useful 9-11 information to reporters and editors who want it. Lastly, remember to be respectful and polite in all your correspondence with the media. Many journalists and reporters in the mainstream media want to report on this issue, but feel they can’t. Our letters will be of to help them in their negotiations with their editorial boards.

Note: The emails provided in the link below are all publicly listed addresses from national and international media websites in the Fall of 2003. While you can expect some of them to be out of date, don’t be dissuaded by bounce-backs. Most of them will still be getting through. Click here for the monster list.