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Action Alert: September 15, 2004

Organize a video/discussion event in your town!

ABC News Nightline shows the "Expose the 9/11 Cover-Up sign

“Zogby International Poll: Half of New York City residents believe that high-level US officials intentionally allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur. 67% believe that there needs to be a wider and deeper investigation into 9/11.”
Representative Cynthia McKinney

No organization, no administration, no forces, no powers that be are going to crush the truth of what happened on Sept. 11.” — Cynthia McKinney, former Georgia congresswoman and current congressional candidate

Why hold a 9/11 truth house party or teach-in?

For the past three years the Bush Administration has used the September 11th terrorist attacks as a pretext for the so-called “war on terror,” stripping away civil liberties at home while waging “endless war” around the globe. Constant reminders of 9/11 along with color-coded “terror alerts” and continued warnings of possible new attacks frighten the public into accepting a dangerous agenda that threatens our democracy and the peace and security of the world. The power of this war propaganda campaign is centered in the official lies of 9/11. Exposing these lies is therefore the best way to stop this insanity.

What to do…

Educate your friends, neighbors and community. Hold a 9/11 truth house party or teach-in. It’s easy, fun, and VERY IMPORTANT right now! Basically, this means showing a video followed by a discussion, either in your home or in a public location. Discussions about 9/11 often lead to brain-storming sessions about what you can do locally to educate others and help build the 9/11 truth movement. You may decide to hold another event, or to form a 9/11 truth group and hold many more events. (This is pretty much the way most of the 9/11 groups formed that are linked from this website.)

What is the best video to show?

The Great Conspiracy: The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw with an image of President Bush in the classroom on 9/11/01

The best DVD to show first during your house party or teach-in is The Great Conspiracy, by acclaimed Canadian TV journalist Barrie Zwicker. This video is 70 minutes long and is an excellent introduction to 9/11 Truth. If you show this video, we will also send you free up to twenty full-size 11″ x 17″ full-color posters to promote your event!

You can also download smaller, 8.5″ x 11″ pdf verions to print out yourself, in either color or black and white. Both the large and small versions of the posters have a blank, white space for you to write in the date, time and place of your event. Then they are ready to post around town! You can also use this half-page general 9/11 truth hand-out to promote your event. And for more tips on throwing a 9/11 truth event, click here.

Kevin Danaher

“The official story is a big lie . . . The only way a thorough investigation will happen is if we, the people, demand it.” — Dr. Kevin Danaher, Co-founder of Global Exchange
Medea Benjamin, Co-founder, Code Pink

“Before this tragedy is used to justify the death of one more soldier, one more civil liberty, or one more law protecting the environment or the poor, hard questions must be asked.” — Medea Benjamin, Co-founder, Code Pink: Women for Peace

What is the best book to read?

The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin

The best introductory book on 9/11 is David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor. This book will make you an expert on the unanswered questions of 9/11, so that you’ll be able to answer questions that may come up during your house party or teach-in. (Note: the other books listed below can give you an even greater understanding of the issues surrounding 9/11.)

Howard Zinn

“Democracy requires citizen vigilance, informed debate and official accountability. In that spirit, David Ray Griffin’s book deserves to be widely read.” — Howard Zinn, Author of the People’s History of the United States
Ed Asner

“The 9/11 truth movement is the most pressing issue of the peace and justice movement today.” — Ed Asner, Actor/Activist
Green Party shirt pin

“Did Bush & Congress fail to prevent 9/11 out of gross incompetency or because they were looking for an excuse to go to war, seize Middle East oil. . .” — Green Party of the United States

Other Resources
War on Freedom by Nafeez Ahmed
The War on Freedom
by Nafeez Ahmed
Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert
Crossing the Rubicon
by Michael C. Ruppert
The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson

The Terror Timeline
by Paul Thompson
Inside Job by Jim Marrs
Inside Job
by Jim Marrs