Help Us Get 9/11 Truth on Local Public Access TV!

Overcome Corporate Media’s Censorship!

Become a Local 9/11 Truth Sponsor in Your City or Town!

International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One banner from 2004

At the 9/11 Citizens’ Inquiries held in San Francisco, Toronto, and New York, many courageous citizens, researchers and experts testified and raised questions that were never addressed by the official 9/11 commission. Broadcast quality footage from these Inquiries are now available. We need your help to get them on TV! Public Access Stations will show these programs if you, as a local Sponsor, bring the videos to the station.

What to do…

Contact 911TV!

Email us at 911TV1 (at) and we’ll get back to you immediately. Send your name, address and phone number. Ask us any questions you have. We will help work out the details with the station, then mail you 9/11 programs, ready to show, for a small donation to cover costs and mailing. (You keep the video to show to your friends, and can duplicate and distribute freely, as long as you give it away.)

After you have spoken to your local TV station, email the station name, contact person, address, phone number, and media requirements.

Find a public access TV station in your area

Go to either of these websites and search for your state and town.

Using these sites you can quickly find the phone number of your local access station, after which you can call and talk to someone to find the local rules for showing programs. (Usually you will have to be a resident, worker, or student of the access area.) If you cannot find a local public access station on these sites, try the yellow pages under “Cable Television” or “Television Stations,” or call your local City Hall.

Note: If you are having trouble finding a local access station in your area, email us anyway. We may be able to help you find one.

Questions to Ask Your Local Access TV Station

  1. Must the material be locally produced? (f so, ask them if you can you make a “wrap-around” in the studio. We’ll help you with this.
  2. What media is required? (We prefer DVD, but we can also provide you with VHS.)
  3. What length programming is required? (Much of our video is of random length, but we can provide you with any length you need. 28:00 and 58:00 are popular lengths and we have a lot of random length for the late night crowd..)
  4. When will the video be shown?