“911 Truth Candidate” John Buchanan to launch National Truth Tour to Force 9/11 Investigation!

Action Alert: September 9, 2004

John Buchanan

A grass-roots coalition consisting of Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, has created a major national speaking tour for John Buchanan, the journalist and investigative reporter who has withstood the wrath of the Bush administration since he faced off against the President in the 2004 New Hampshire Republican primary as the “911 Truth Candidate.”

Featured in David Ray Griffin’s book, The New Pearl Harbor, John has since been kidnapped by phony Secret Service agents and maliciously prosecuted in Miami. The charges against him were finally dismissed on August 16 and he is now ready to take the fight to Bush and the Neocons right up until the election. His explosive and much-anticipated book, Fixing America: Breaking the Stranglehold of Corporate Rule, Big Media and the Religious Right, will be published at the end of September.

He will begin his “National Truth Tour” in Seattle in early October, then work his way down the West Coast before making his final stand in the critical battleground states of New Hampshire, Ohio and Florida.The tour will end with a major appearance at the National Press Club just days before the election. John will make a powerful one-hour presentation that will include a question-and-answer session.

The objective of the tour will be to force a full and proper investigation of the events of 911 and to present a unified call to action for citizens across the country and across party lines.

Bring John to speak in your town!Available dates are as follows:
Pacific Northwest – October 2-5
Northern California – October 6-8
Central California – October 9-11
Southern California – October 12-14
New Hampshire – October 15-17
Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts – October 18-22
Ohio – October 23-27
Florida – October 28-30
Washington, DC area – November 1-2

(Additional events can be booked in late September, anywhere in the U.S.)

Requirements for an appearance are:

Two plane tickets (John Buchanan and Lisa Sauber)
Pickup and return to airport
A place to stay and meals
Assistance at the event (2-3 volunteers)

or email jtwg50 (at) yahoo.com