New Article for September 11th, 2006!

9/11 Five Years Later: What have we accomplished?
An assessment of the 9/11 Truth Movement
David Ray Griffin's The Reality and the Myth

9/11: The Myth and the Reality

In the Spring of 2006 David Ray Griffin gave a brand new lecture to a sold out audience at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California. The talk condenses the most relevant points of his first two books into a dynamic presentation, demonstrating conclusively US Government complicity in the attacks of 9/11. Dr. Griffin’s presentation was videotaped with six cameras, and 9/11 filmmaker Ken Jenkins has illustrated this DVD with hundreds of relevant graphics and clips. In short, this is the most highly illustrated and well-produced David Ray Griffin DVD available today.

Scientific & Ethical Questions DVD

WTC Collapse: The Science

Scientists Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan have combined efforts to produce the most in-depth analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings yet accomplished! This unique video consists of two complete, fully edited presentations on one DVD!

Dr. Steven E. Jones, professor of physics at BYU, thoroughly and definitively debunks the FEMA and NIST reports promoted by the U.S. government. His analysis of the collapse of World Trade Center leads to only one conclusion — all three buildings were demolished with thermite and explosives. Jones discusses building 7 in detail, since over half the population of America does not know that it too collapsed on 9/11.

Kevin Ryan, former lab manager and scientist at Underwriters Labs, the company that tested the steel used in the World Trade Center buildings, was fired by UL when he went public with information about the cover-up. He explains in detail why the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report on the World Trade Center collapses is false.

9/11 in the News