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Action #3: Howard Stern
Help us encourage Howard to continue pushing the 9/11 issue!

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Howard Stern - While not exactly "alternative" in the sense we mean it here, Howard Stern recently ran this photo on his home page, showing an individual holding up one of our "Stop the 9-11 Coverup" signs. He also linked to the video showing Bush's 25 minutes of inaction after being told the country was under attack. And he's been speaking out against the erosion of civil rights after his show was targetted by the FCC. In fact, Howard has been more on top of the 9/11 issue than many progressive media figures! Now is the time for unity and solidarity. No matter what you think of Howard Stern, he has the ability to reach millions of people. Let's encourage him to continue to expose the connection between 9/11, media censorhsip, and the erosion of our civil rights.

What to do.

Email, phone and FAX the Howard Stern Show. Thank them for their courageous stance against Bush despite the Clear Channel boycott, and for their willingness to expose the 9/11 coverup. Suggest they attend the "Stop the 9/11 Coverup" event in New York City on May 22nd, and that they meet with the organizers, the New York 9/11 Truth Alliance. Recommend they listen to the NYC hip-hop band Clarity and their album, "This is not a Test," which is all about 9/11 Truth and redefines protest music for this century. And lastly, encourage them to do more around the issue and invite guests on the show like David Ray Griffin, author of "The New Pearl Harbor." Tell them 9/11 complicity is the issue that will lead to Bush's downfall.

Sample Letter
(Feel free to copy and paste, but keep in mind it is always better to use your own words.)

Yo Howard!

Thanks for taking the courageous stance against Bush and exposing the 9/11 coverup. Keep it up! When the truth about 9/11 is revealed and this Administration goes down, Clear Channel will be on their knees asking you back.

But this is up to you. You have the ability to crack open the 9/11 issue into the mainstream. It's starting to break already. You can lead the way, galvanize America behind the growing 9/11 Truth movement, and win the allegience of millions of new listeners. Now's the time to really push the issue. Here are some things you can do right away.

First, you should definitely go to the "Stop the 9/11 Coverup" event this Saturday at Riverside Church. Ellen Mariani, who is suing the Bush Administration for complicity in 9/11, will be speaking, as well as former weapons inspector Scott Ritter who helped expose Bush's other Big Lie about WMDs. You should also hook up with the organizers of the event, the New York 9/11 Truth Alliance. Here's the link:

And if you haven't heard the NY hip hop band Clarity, you should. Their new album, "This is not a test" is all about 9/11 Truth, and redefines protest music for this century. It ROCKS! Check out this flash video of one of their songs to see for yourself:

And here's Clarity's website:

Also consider having David Ray Griffin on your show. He's the author of "The New Pearl Harbor," the best book out there detailing the evidence for Bush Administration complicity in 9/11. If you want a copy of the book, contact the 9/11 Visibility Project. They'll send you one for free:

That's also a great website to push on your show, to get people involved in the 9/11 Truth movement. Seriously, Howard, if anything is going to bring Bush down, it's the 9/11 issue. You should lead the way. America needs you right now more than ever!

For truth and freedom,

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