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Leaflet the openings of Michael Moore's historic new documentary!

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What to do...

Help make history! Join people across North America and Europe in leafleting Michael Moore's historic new documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, in your area using the now infamous "Dude, there's more to the story" flyers below. You can 1) pass the flyers out when people are waiting in line before the show, 2) as they are exiting the theater, or 3) you can walk down the aisles before the show starts. (Choose an option that works for your local theater.)

If there's more than one of you, and if someone in your group is willing, stand up in front of the theater before the movie starts and anounce that Michael Moore has endorsed 911Truth.Org in the "must read" section of his website. Explain to the audience that there are now 9/11 Truth leaflets being passed out, and ask people to please take one and visit the website, which will tell them how they can join the growing movement for 9/11 truth to stop "endless wars" and rescue civil liberties.

A few tips

  • The "ticket" flyers (both large and small versions) are cool to distribute before the show, while people are waiting in line.
  • Approach peace and justice organizations in your area, and encourage them to participate. They can also distribute their own literature as well as the 9/11 flyers. This is a great outreach opportunity to get people involved locally.
  • Click here to find theaters in your area where the film is showing.

Download the flyers...

1. Folded "invitation" Flyer
(print on both front and back, then fold on the dotted line)

view front/backview inside
download color PDF (608k) • download b/w PDF (608k)

2. Half-Sheet Flyer

view full sizedownload color PDF (996k) • download b/w PDF (468k)

3. Tall 1/3-Sheet Flyer

view full sizedownload color PDF (1400k) • download b/w PDF (1100k)

4. Large "Ticket" Flyer|

view full sizedownload color PDF (560k) • download b/w PDF (560k)

5. Tiny "Ticket" Flyer

actual size • download PDF (2300k)

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